Other Services

Other Services

Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics is used to help re-align your foot position by placing your foot, ankle, knee, or hip in correct alignment to help reduce pain in any or all of these areas. Orthotics is especially effective for athletes of all ages and anyone whose work requires prolonged standing or walking. Our physical therapists are trained in molding custom foot orthotics. You will receive the orthotics on the same day with no wait time for factory fabrication. All of our custom orthotics can be re-molded to adjust to any changes in your foot or pain. Traditional custom orthotics can be used in sport shoes as well as boots and everyday footwear. Please call us for more details at 440-466-5447 or 440-997-5427.

Get Back In The Game

Return To Sport and Injury Prevention Testing:

Our physical therapists have specialized training in administering return to sport and injury prevention screening and testing. The information gathered from these series of screens and tests allows us to determine whether it’s safe for an athlete to return to sport after injury while also revealing current injury risk in currently non-injured athletes. Based on the information gathered from these tests, we can prescribe specific exercises to reduce your overall injury risk and facilitate a more rapid and safe return to sport.  

Y-Balance Testing:  
This test is used to determine safe return to sport and activity by comparing balance, stability, and strength between the right and left side of your body. The test can be administered for the upper body (in a push-up position) and lower body (standing on the device).

Functional Movement Screen:  
This screen consists of seven different movements including: trunk stability push-up, deep squat, hurdle step, shoulder mobility, inline lunge, rotational stability, and straight leg raise. This screen provides us with objective measurements and predictive data on current injury risk while also giving us insight into your current movement patterns allowing us to provide you with specific exercises to reduce your injury risk and improve movement efficiency (run faster, jump higher, squat deeper, etc.).  

Please call All Star Therapy today at 440-466-5447 or 440-997-5427 to find out more about our services and to schedule your appointment.  We serve the greater Chardon, Perry, and Mentor, OH areas and beyond with custom orthotics and physical therapy services.
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